Exhibition: Jayne Walker sculptural forms

Exhibiting for the first time at Craft in the Bay, Jayne Walker creates unique carved sculptural forms. Jayne has always been fascinated by the way a line flows around a form, enclosing it and giving sense to the mass.

Collectively called Land Vessels, these works have been inspired by the various effects of erosion on the landscape and geological strata which she experienced whilst walking the Welsh, Cornish and Scottish coastlines.

The Land Vessel sculptures are individually hand carved from Crystacal plaster which has first been cast into a former. After carving and sanding, pencil drawing is occasionally applied to the surface which is then fixed to stop any smudging of the pencil lines and then further sealed with layers of wax.

All work is for sale. Free access to see the exhibition at the Makers Guild Wales gallery, Craft in the Bay.