Lunaria Annua artworks by Alison Moger

Exhibition Lunaria Annua (Honesty Plant) shows contemporary designs by artist and member of the Makers Guild Wales, Alison Moger. Her beautiful textiles has been inspired by her memories of working within care homes in Wales as an artist in residence.  Alison was drawn to the fragile qualities of the Honesty seed pods, their ’tissue paper thin’ structure that she felt reflected the fragility of life, the passing of time. The words have been carefully hand stitched into the seed pods, each word a memory of things spoken by the elderly as they took part in art sessions with Alison.

‘This mystical plant with its connections of alchemy and the moon holds fond childhood memories for me.  I have taken it into care homes whilst working with cARTrefu and the response was beautiful. My grandparents grew this plant and used the pods to decorate the window as a symbol of good luck once they had matured. When pealing back the folds my Grandmother would always refer to them as a reminder that in the autumn of your life true beauty and strength through honesty will always shine.’
This project has been made possible with the generous support of the Arts Council of Wales.