Meet the Puppet Reindeers

There’s much to enjoy at The Red Dragon Centre this festive season! From blockbuster movies, party bowling, and festive food, we’re your stop destination for Full on Festive Fun this Christmas.
We also love to spread a little bit of magic too! Join us on Sunday 11 December to meet Morty and Dave – two larger than life, magical Reindeer puppets.
All the way from Lapland, these two amazingly interactive and cheeky Christmas reindeer will be meeting and greeting in The Red Dragon Centre at 12.30pm, 2pm and 3.30pm for thirty minute intervals.
Not only do their herder Helga and assistant Elfy have their hands full keeping them under control, but they also love a little dance when they get excited and really enjoy being fed and stroked! Unlike their real counterparts they don’t leave little surprises for people to clean up, nor do they bite but they may pass a little excited wind if you get too close to their hind quarters!
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