Ocean Extravaganza

With over 70% of our planet’s surface covered by a ginormous global ocean, it’s an incredibly important part of the earth’s ecosystem and is absolutely teeming with life.

Join us on a journey that takes us from the most vibrant coral reefs to the darkest depths below, where we’ll find fish that glow in the dark and a whole host of curious creatures along the way.

We’ll find out more about the way our seas are changing and what we can all do to help protect the underwater environment for future generations.

You’ll have the chance to test your own knowledge of the ocean with our fishy facts quiz, and see whether you might be destined to become an oceanographer yourself — and we’ll even discover an explosive way that water can be made!

Also running during the summer holidays, we have:
Legend of the Enchanted Reef: An underwater short film (suitable for ages 5+) that runs in our immersive 360° planetarium.
Is Water Wet?: A brand-new workshop (ages 7+) in our KLA Lab, where we’ll explore the wonderful world of H2O!
Star Tours: Also hosted in the planetarium, Star Tours (ages 7+) will transport you to distant galaxies and nebulae thousands of light years away.

Ocean Extravaganza is supported by our friends at the Scottish Power Foundation.

Tickets to this show can be purchased when you buy admission to Techniquest. Once you’ve added your admission tickets, you will be given options to book this as an add-on.

This show will debut on 21 July 2023 and run daily throughout the summer holidays. It will also be available on weekends through September.

Age guidance: 5+
Our live science show presenters adapt to the audience in front of them, so anyone from 5 to 95 should find plenty to engage with!

You may not find the live demos as relevant for under-5s, but please check with staff before booking if you’re unsure.

Additional information

  • Duration: 30 minutes.
  • Please note: There is a loud bang at the end of this show. Ear defenders will be given out before the show starts, and plenty of warnings will be given before the bang.