About the Waterfront Partners

In the beginning…

The Waterfront Partners’ Group, originally called the Inner Harbour Partners Group (IHPG), was set up in 1994 by the Cardiff Bay Development Corporation. It enabled all the leisure operators in the locality of the development to have access to information in one main forum, and smaller businesses to have a stronger voice through the group. The success of the Waterfront Partners has continued to grow and over the years it has become a well respected and established partnership.

Who are we now?

The Waterfront Partners are a non profit making organisation and in 2010 there were 34 members all representing a unique cross section of the community including local government, charity run outlets, developers and privately run businesses.

All members pay a yearly fee to be part of the group and the monies made are invested into events and marketing activities for Cardiff Bay.

The meetings are held once a month in a different Waterfront Partner venue and structured in a way that allows each partner to talk to the group, update on projects, and creates a forum to make links and share ideas.

To find out more, contact Chris Atherton, Chair of the Waterfront Partners.

Tel: +44(0)7836 264223

Email: chris.atherton17@gmail.com